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The last contestant on the island would become the "Ultimate Survivor" and win One Million Dollars!This was the thirteenth season of the Survivor TV show.I won't let Anti's heartless persecution of me stop me from my insane need to classify every single person evar on this show. Survivor is an American reality television game show which strands between 16 and 20 players, depending on the season, in a remote location divided into two to four teams called tribes.On the weekly series, contestants are divided into tribes that compete in challenges to win rewards and to avoid being voted off the show.Survivor: Cook Islands was a 60 minute reality series on CBS where twenty contestants were stranded on the tiny islands of Moturakau and Rapota in Aitutaki Lagoon, located in the Cook Islands.

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If you watch delayed broadcasts, beware of spoilers!

more On his way to winning reality show "Survivor," Yul Kwon solved puzzles, earned the nickname "The Godfather" for his skillful maneuvering -- and helped smash stereotypes about Asian American men in the media.

In the finale that aired Sunday, San Mateo resident Kwon, 31, won the CBS show's 13th season, which began by pitting African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos and whites against one another.

For 39 days they had to survive mother nature with a very limited food supply.

They also competed against each other for rewards and temporary immunity from dismissal from the competition.

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