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Dutch statesman and theologian Abraham Kuyper revived Calvin's teachings in the late 1800s as neo-Calvinism, which was soon adopted as part of the country's national identity and became the official ideology of a political party, a trade union, a newspaper, a university and many schools.

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In it, Harris shares his own journey towards a love for theology, and theological concepts that changed his life.

Gall (Joachim Vadian), to cities in Southern Germany and via Alsace (Martin Bucer) to France.

After the early death of Zwingli in 1531, his work was continued by Heinrich Bullinger, the author of the Second Helvetic Confession.

Perhaps not so much in a religious sense, but in our behaviour we often display characteristics that are typically Calvinistic," said Balkenende.

The inhabitants of the Netherlands, also known as one of the world's most liberal nations, are generally described in country guides as sober, reserved, conscientious, rule-driven and thrifty: all typical Calvinist characteristics.

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