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Amy makes a number of insightful observations about the process of dating based on her experiences and I think many of them will ring true for others as well.

No-holds-barred style" -- Los Angeles Times"Timeless.

In other words, she wants a date.” –ABC News “Sexy online single who has turned to political activism.” –Kurt the Cyberguy on Fox News/WB News “The Web’s most outrageous dating site!

First, the confession: I've been a fan of the website since about date 6. For various reasons, I don't think she's a fan of mine anymore (and no, I'm not one of the 50).

I kind of gave her crap on the internet saying 'don't go see her, she'll cancel the show,' but I guess she was sick for real, so" When asked whether it was difficult to date such a funny person, Ziggler claimed to enjoy the challenge.

“No-holds-barred style” — Los Angeles Times “Timeless. Dating and relationships can be tricky and this book provides hope and unofficial rules.” — Armchair Interviews “I was hooked from page one…

Amy has a very engaging writing style and I enjoyed the book immensely.She's added more details and I think with additional time, she's improved her writing (which was already very good).I'd recommend this for anyone who likes dry humor or is in the dating scene. — Omaha World-Herald “I would recommend this book to both men and women. It includes dating tips, hookup myths proved and disproved, and a slew of classic dating horrors in Seattle’s most classic dating spots.” — Seattle Weekly “… De Zellar is a straight-ahead writer with verve, and though there is genuine emotion (and adult situations), “Dating Amy” is the type of light, sweet concoction that’s perfect for summertime.

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