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Additionally, we have included other harm reduction oriented organizations. The first half of the book includes first-person narratives by women who have worked in various forms of the sex industry; the second half consists of position papers and analytical articles written by representatives of prostitutes’ rights organizations in the United States and Europe.

Global Network of Sex Work Projects Bayswan PONY- Prostitutes of New York HIPS–Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive SWEAT- Sex Workers Education & Advocacy Taskforce SWOP- Sex Workers Outreach Project Spread Magazine St.

The phrase "freedom of association" does not appear in the Constitution (although the First Amendment protects the right to peaceably assemble).

Nonetheless, the Court has recognized to separate types of association that are constitutionally protected: (1) intimate association (protected as an aspect of the right of privacy) and (2) expressive association (protected as as an aspect of the First Amendment's protection of free speech).

I’m a gay-rights supporter who was elated by Friday’s Supreme Court decision — but I honor Sen. The federal revenue acts of 1909, 1913, and 1917 exempted nonprofits from the corporate excise and income taxes at the same time that they allowed people to deduct charitable contributions from their incomes.

Mike Lee of Utah introduced the First Amendment Defense Act, which ensures that religious institutions won’t lose their tax exemptions if they don’t support same-sex marriage. Lee’s fears are unwarranted, and they can even point to Justice Anthony Kennedy’s opinion in Friday’s case, which promises “that religious organizations and persons [will be] given proper protection.”But I don’t think Sen. In the 1983 Bob Jones University case, the court ruled that a school could lose tax-exempt status if its policies violated “fundamental national public policy.” So far, the Bob Jones reasoning hasn’t been extended to other kinds of discrimination, but someday it could be. It’s time to abolish, or greatly diminish, their tax-exempt statuses.

Since then, state and local laws nearly everywhere have exempted nonprofits from all, or most, property tax and state income tax.

That is the goal of the community engagement initiative: to engage with a diverse group of partners to improve the health of the broader community.There are many groups that deal with issues concerning sex work. A memoir by the founder and President of HIRE (Hooking Is Real Employment), the NTFP affiliate in Atlanta, Georgia. Making It Work: The Prostitutes’ Rights Movement in Perspective. Based on Jenness’ doctoral dissertation which analyzed the development of COYOTE’s approach to prostitution between 19, and its effect on discussion of the issue in the larger community. Many of these groups are run by women involved with sex work. Mc Elroy, Wendy, XXX: A Woman’s Right to Pornography. At any given time, there are around 150 permanent residents.Of these residents, on average nearly two-thirds are children, either living with their families or coming from foster care.

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